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Medical Malpractice Statistics

There are many published statistics relating to medical malpractice in this country. Some of these statistics are based upon extensive and detailed studies conducted over a long period of time. Others have been reported frequently in various media sources. We have listed some of the more commonly published statistics.
1. Medical Malpractice Errors
Each year more than 98,000 Americans die from Hospital Medical Errors. 1,000,000 more are injured from medical errors.

2. Medical Malpractice Caps Fail to Prevent Premium Increases
Physician malpractice premiums rose higher in states without caps than in states with caps between 1991 and 2001.

3. Minorities Receive Lower Quality Healthcare

In many areas of medicine, African-Americans were less likely to receive the same level of medical care as whites

4. Health care Providers Win Most Medical Malpractice Cases

Patients win only 38% of all medical malpractice cases tried to juries in this country.

5. Medical Malpractice Litigation Rarely Compensates Patients

Only 2% of documented medical malpractice resulted in a claim by the patient.

6. Statistical Trends in Medical Malpractice Cases

Lack of Informed Consent cases are won only 26% of the time.

7. Medical Malpractice Insurance "Crisis" Caused By Insurers, Not the Legal System

Research and statements from within the insurance industry demonstrate that increasing malpractice premiums caused by insurance industry.

8. Patients Receive Proper Health Care only 50% of the Time

A Study in the New England Journal of Medicine performs comprehensive analysis of health care in America today

9. U.S. News and World Report Says Litigation Not To Blame
Lawyers and verdicts are not responsible for increasing physician malpractice premiums

10. Congressional Budget Office finds that tort reform would do little to decrease overall healthcare costs.

11. Research Proves Unfounded Controversy Over Medical Malpractice Lawsuits.
12. 2004 Study By HealthGrades, Inc. Shows 195,000 In-Hospital Deaths Each Year Are Caused by Preventable Medical Errors

If you know of additional published statistics which you would like to see included on this page, please e-mail us with the link or source.
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